Our Program on July 5th was Graber & Frazier Presidencies and new Rotary President Steve Frazier was the presenter.  Newest New Member Scott McGinnis was the Meet & Greet and Opening Marshal and also did Happy Bucks’.  Steve started the program by thanking Lou Graber for his Presidency and out transition back into live meetings.  Since Lou didn’t want a recognition plaque Steve said the best gift would be one that captured all the memories of all the events, speakers, community service projects, the great Lawn Party at Sandy and John Hotvet’s home, Great Christmas Party, new members, lost members Jean Gray and Karen Frazier (a few tears), STRIVE, Charitable Donations and all the fun times in a 56 slide Power Point dedicated to outgoing President Lou Graber.  Steve urged members to make comments throughout the presentation.  It was a grand way to thank Lou Graber for a great year of leadership of the Rotary Club of Excelsior. 
Steve then transitioned into the Frazier Presidency of 2022-2023.  He noted the incoming first lady President of Rotary International, Jennifer Jones and her theme for the Rotary Year being “Imagine Rotary.”  Steve challenged members to imagine what our club could do together in the next and to re-imagine was that we can grow and change.  With that he called the members into a Club Assembly to elect the nominated Board of Directors and the separate Excelsior Rotary Foundation Board.  However, then he paused the meeting to accept a new member – Tiffany Frazier and she was voted-in unanimously.  Then he requested a unanimous ballot to the new Board of Directors (which appears on the 4th page of the bulletin).  Then another unanimous ballot was cast to re-elected Darel Leipold and Tad Shaw as Directors.
Steve then proceeded to introduce 10 Club Goals to start out the year.  They are:  1. Up-tempo hybrid meetings.  2.  Monthly service projects on the 2nd Tuesdays.  3. Utilizing our Club Runner Website.  4.  A Community For the Commons District 5950 Grant.  5.  Continue STRIVE, MAD Scholarships & Book Collection Project.  6. A new fundraiser called “Brews, Blues and BBQ’s”.  7.  Increase our Public Image in newspapers and social media.  8.  Sponsor varied Social Gathering on the 4th or 5th Tuesdays.  9.  Increase membership by three new members in 2022-23.  10.  Donate $1,500 to the Eradication of Polio in the World.  With that all said, he then invited members to suggest their ideas of what they would like to do in the next year and received 6 great ideas to bring to the Board at their August meeting.