Posted on May 14, 2019
Our speaker on May 14th was Julie Hagen, founder of the group iCan Hoops.
Kids who have disabilities aren’t easily accommodated in the usual kids sports leagues , so they don’t have an opportunity to practice and play some sports. Julie found this to be true of basketball, and she founded a group that now has gym time, coaches and provides a basketball experience to about 100 kids a year. The age of the kids who participate ranges from 6 to 18, and they are split into two groups by age for their sessions.
Julie told of her experiences trying to find gym time in the area (almost impossible) and of all of the organizational problems that develop when you have a new idea.
Our club awarded her a Paul Harris Fellowship for her iCan Hoops program.
Reach Out & Read Honored at District Conference:  The Excelsior Rotary Club’s Reach Out and Read Booth drew lots of attention at the Rotary 5950 District Conference at the Minneapolis Events Center on Friday, May 17th.  The District 5950 Grant under the guidance of Don Draayer has now raised over $42,000 and our Club and Don were also recognized an honored at the Conference.  Also honored at the conference were John Ahern and Glenn Froberg for their many years of service in Rotary.  Representing our club were Don and Marry Ann Draayer, Karen and Steve Frazier, Nick Ruehl and Michelle Seets.  There will be a Club report at an upcoming meeting.