Posted on Dec 10, 2019
Our Program on Tuesday, December 10th was the Mid-Year Assembly as required by Rotary Bylaws and Constitution for announcing the nomination of the President Elect for 2021-22, the mid-year Financial Report, Adoption of a new Club Constitution and Bylaws, and committee meetings to play for the remainder of the Rotary Year. The first order of business was the Nominations Committee’s report nominating Lewis Graber to be our President in 2021-22.  Lou is an engineer by trade and has been a member for 6 years.  Currently Lou serves as the President of our Excelsior Rotary Foundation and STRIVE Mentor and active volunteer on club service projects.  Lou was elected by unanimous vote of the club.
                The second order of business was the Financial Report given by Treasurer Nick Wegleitner.  Nick provided members with a spreadsheet indicating the various funds and that the club was financially solvent and in good shape as long a members paid their dues in a timely manner.  Nick also announced that the club’s foundation investment fund from Lee Parris of $75K corpus has now grown to $105 and a disbursement will be made to Seets’ Presidency for use for the remainder of this Rotary Year.
                The third order of business was the adoption of anew Excelsior Rotary Constitution and Bylaws.  Steve Frazier explained that these documents had been sent out a month prior to the meeting and that the Constitution was virtually boiler plate from RI but the Bylaws of the club actually gives the guidelines of club operations.  Steve highlighted the areas of changes for our previous bylaws and fielded questions.  Constitution and Bylaws needed a 2/3 vote to be accepted and pass unanimously by the club membership.
                The final order of business was the meeting of the Club’s Committees for planning the remainder of the Rotary Year and included Membership, Community Service, Public Image Social, and Program Committees.