Grant Application Information
The Rotary Club of Excelsior operates a Community Grant for Youth.
Grants are made on a competitive basis and at the discretion of the board of the Excelsior Rotary Club. Applications are due by Tuesday February 28, 2017 (applications must be postmarked by the deadline).
GRANT TIMELINE Club Fiscal Calendar: 7/1/15 - 6/30/17 Application deadline: 2/28/2017 Grant Award: No later than 5/1/2017 Project Start: No later than 6/30/2017 Project Completion: No later than 12/31/17 Reports due: Within 2 weeks of project completion
GRANT APPLICATIONS The Rotary Club of Excelsior is now accepting grant applications for youth community projects in 2017. Grants from $1000-$5000 will be considered.
ELIGIBLE ORGANIZATIONS Grant awards are made primarily to organizations with a 501(c)(3) non-profit designation by the IRS and/or Schools. Multi-year grants may be available, at the discretion of the board, for no more than 3 consecutive years to any given organization.
PROJECT EVALUATION- FINAL REPORT A final report is required of all grantees detailing the grant outcomes and benefits to the Greater Excelsior Community. Grantees send a Final Report within two weeks upon project completion, and an interim report will be due on 9/30 if the project hasn’t completed by that time. The report must include an 1) accounting and itemization of the expended funds; 2) brief narrative about the project and whether its objectives were met; and 3) description of any long term benefit to the community