We had a great Rotary Board and Club Meeting on Tuesday at Noon on May 5th via Zoom.  There were 23 of us in attendance.  Our Greeter and Opening Marshal was Lou Graber.  Joining us were the four Make A Difference Scholarship recipients.  They were Maci Anundson, Nicollette Lindsay, John Rasmussen and William Sepesi.  They were each introduced and then gave the college they would be attending in the fall and the program major they are enrolled in.  Each will receive $1,000 which Lou Graber will send to their admissions office.
We had some fun announcements.  Lou Graber’s Birthday was on May 2nd and he was 74 and said he had a great party while practicing social distancing.  Scott and Theresa Zerby are celebrating their 34th Anniversary this week and Scott said that they will find something fun to do.  We had three Club Anniversaries and they were Tyronne Carter – 1 year, Gary Thompson – 45 years and John Hotvet-35 years.
Dick Glover announced that the five STRIVE Scholarship recipients have been selected and that they will be our guests at our next regular meeting on May 19th.
Our Excelsior Rotary Noon Club will adopt the flower pot on the corner Water Street and 3rd Street by the old gas station.  Karen and Steve will do the planting and John Ferm, Lou Graber and Marianne Laurent will do the weekly watering.
Lou Graber wants to remind members to pay their dues as they are the same $110 or $210 as previous.
Upcoming programs and events are:  May 12th – Happy Hour at 4PM by Zoom; May 19th Club Meeting – Heidi Busch from Many Hands Many Meals at noon; June 2nd Club Meeting – Thomas Parnell – Financial Guide to the Markets; and June 16th Club Meeting is Michelle Seets last meeting as President.
Tyronne Carter was our speaker on May 5th and he gave us his Bio and it was great!  He started by wishing everyone Happy Cinco de Mayo and Scott Zerby interjected that it was also Taco Tuesday!  Tyronne grew-up poor in Philadelphia with six brothers and sisters.  In 1994 he went in to the Navy in communications and after the service he attended the U of M. He is married to Carolyn and has three sons and very proud of each one of them.  Tyrone love music and is a volunteer singer and sang for us at our Christmas Party.  He also loves to cook and play pool and was even a billiard’s coach.  These days he is into Tai Chi for exercise, flexibility and meditation.
He received his Bachelor’s degree at Lincoln University in History and Science and his Masters at Penn State.  Tyronne has held lots of positions in his life being a teacher, principal, human resources, engineer, diversity director and more!
He has also started several of his own businesses.  His eyes light up when he talks about his current passion that is his American Fun Science Program.  He has over 20 STEM Programs that he has personally written with each program running from 1 to 2 hours.  He is also able to customize the programs to the needs of a particular school.  He even shared with us his Covid 19 video on washing your hands and how to make your own hand sanitizer at home!
He also is into being an author and writing science books for kids.  He said he never had time to write but by doing a bit at a time he finally finished his first book and has sold over 500 copies and in 20 public libraries.  He is now working on “Girls Know STEM Too, Tyronne” which should come out this fall for kids in grades 2-6 that are illustrated and in hard cover.
He discussed funding issues and the 501c3 he formed to provide Summer Programs and free camp for urban kids.
So, get going and make your own hand sanitizer.  It’s simple.  Two parts 100% Alcohol and one part Aloe Vera Gel – mix well. Great job Tyronne!