We had a great Rotary Zoom Meeting on May 19, 2020 with the awarding of the five STRIVE Scholarships and Heidi Busch as our speaker on the Many Hands -Many Meals Program.  The Opening Marshal was Don Draayer.  Don led us in the Pledge and the 4 Way Test and talked about our Rotary family and the special fellowship we enjoy.  He noted the high value we place on our slogan – “Service Above Self” and that we are called to care for all our Brothers and Sisters and ended with a short prayer.
Dick Glover then introduced this year’s STRIVE Scholarship winners and had each give a short statement of their school plans for next year.  Aidan Belisle received the $2,500 scholarship and plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Studio Arts and Computer Science.  Katy Zack received $1,500 and plans to go into Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.  Adriana Lorenson received $1,000 but was not able to get her audio on to tell us her plans.  Carla Vonfeldt rreceived $1,000 and she plans to attend Hamelin University and major in Elementary Education.  Our final $1,000 scholatship went to Joe Collins who plans to major in Environmental Science in Florida.  Several of the mentors spoke wishing our STRIVE 2020 students the best in their futures.
We had two guests today.  Brad Sleeper currently in the Wayzata Club wanted to visit and hear about our STRIVE Program and James Gresham is retired and interested in community volunteerism and wanted to take a look at our club.
Other announcements included Happy Hour next Tuesday at 4PM and Michelle is looking for someone to host that meeting on Zoom.  Let her know if you are willing.  Upcoming meetings in June are Thomas Parnell on Finances on June 2nd and Michelle’s final meeting of her presidency on June 16th.  We will meet by Zoom for the month of June and then see how we navigate in July.  The Board will meet on June 2nd to decide on face to face meetings and the locations that we can do that safely.
Our May 19th speaker was Heidi Busch for Many Hands Many Meals and was accompanied by NH-MM Board Vice Chair John. Heide is the Operations Manager for MH-MM and she noted that MH-MM has been in operation for 15 years and packaged over 8,700,000 meals and served in 12 countries.  She spoke about her visit to Malawi, Africa and her experience there.  She was amazed to see the young people waiting for an hour to get the food that is packed-up right here in Excelsior.  She explained that the parents have to work in the city and so the children are left alone during the day and show-up for lunch and often that is their only meal of the day.  The organization in Malawi also prepares fresh vegetables along with the MH-MM packaged foods.  The kids bring their own container to eat out of and the day she visited they served 500 kids some 850 meals.  The coordinator in Malawi wanted to thank all the organizations here that partner to provide food for these kids.  Without this meal they have no energy to go to school or even play.  Malwali is now self-sustaining.
The MH-MM Vice Chair also thanked out club for the 10 year partnership and the 50,000 meals that we have provided.  He emphasized how curtail it is to have long term partners like us and for our assistance in packing and funding the meals we pack.  There is going to be a special day on October 10, 2020 called “Recovery Pack” to catch-up on packaging missed during the pandemic and are looking for our involvement and to do so in a safe way.  Karen Frazier our Community Service Director will work out details for our regular January packing and explore also the October event. 
Some updates from members included Dick Glover informed us that Ross McGlasson’s wife Marty is not doing well and Karen will send Marty and Ross a Thinking of You card.  Tyronne Carter thanked Jean Gray for a generous donation to his Summer STEM Camp.  Karen Frazier announced that she has sent cards by postal mail to members we have not heard from in a while.  Lou Graber said that he and Kate are getting things straightened out with Alerus Bank and things should be running smoothly by the beginning of Kate’s term as Club President.  O.K. that’s it and we’ll see you next Tuesday at 4P.M. for Happy Hour!