Posted on Mar 14, 2019
STRIVE on Thursday, March 14th was on Ethics and Values and presented by Excelsior Rotary’s own resident Chaplain Greg Hayek.  Greg spoke about how he had become a Chaplain and his journey.  He discussed with the students Rotary’s “Four Way Test” and how important this commitment is that Rotarian’s make weekly in their business and personal lives.  Greg focused particularly on “Is it the Truth” and sited many examples of people in the news  this week that were caught not telling the truth and how one lie leads to many other lies to cover the first lie.  In discussion groups following Greg’s presentation the STRIVE students echoed how telling the truth may be tough in the first instance but it is a lot better than living a lie.
Dick Glover, STRIVE Coordinator, shared with the students that eight members of the STRIVE Program and made the Honor roll this past grading period.  Many of the students didn’t even know that they had made the honor roll and for many it was the first time!  The final STRIVE session will be on Thursday, April 4th at 9:00AM for this year’s evaluation of the STRIVE Program.