Our program on the 9th was a talk by Rolf Lowenberg-DeBoer who is the director of City House.                                            
City House provides listeners for people who appear to be ignored by others; usually, their clients are homeless or suffering from disorientation from the normal. Their volunteers spend their time listening and talking with people at various shelters in the area. Usually, they are one on one. They don’t offer counselling, but just listen and help give their client a feeling of self-worth.                
They work with a number of agencies in the downtown Minneapolis area, and cooperate with other agencies that provide food, clothing and shelter for the needy. Their website is www.city-house.org.
STRIVE Started it 2018-19 year on Thursday, October 11th with dick Glover give the STRIVE Program Overview and introductions of Mentors.   We had 13 students in attendance of the 21 potential possible.  The Mentors in attendance were Dick Glover, Don Draayer, Michelle Seets, Lou Graber and Steve Frazier.  The kids were very attentive and applauded for each of the Mentors after they spoke.  We look forward to another great year with our STRIVE Students.  Our next meeting is on Thursday, October 25th on Attitudes with Tim Litfin presenting.
Highway Clean-up was today (Oct. 16th) but the team of Molly Swenson and Jenny Janson got out early and did there prior to last week’s cancellation of the clean-up due to rain.  Stay tuned for this week’s report from Karen Frazier