Our Program on July 18th Randy Schumacher, Excelsior Rotary President for 2023-2024. Randy outlined his Rotary Presidency by starting with his Bio.  Randy’s wife is Tammy Rogers and they have three children and 6 grandchildren.  He was educated at the Standing Rock Reservation School in South Dakota. Randy’s father was director of the Medicaid program in SD.   He has Master’s Degree Music Arts and taught at Breck School as Music Director but was laid off in 1984 and changed careers into Financial Management.  He also is a professional piano player having played in many venues and continues to do gigs.  He owned his own financial management company for 40 years and just recently retired.  This is second term as Excelsior Rotary President.  Randy concluded his Bio by saying, “I’m grateful for Family, kids, this community that is the best in the world and Rotary!”
Randy then launched into Rotary 101 explaining that there are 1.4 million Rotarians in the world with 46,000 clubs promoting peace, health, clean water, education, and protecting the environment.  “The Mission of Rotary is to serve others” said Randy and then outlined the shared vision of Rotary. He introduced us to RI President Gordon McInally and District 5950 Governor Jewelie Grape and their theme this year is “Create Hope in the World.”  He noted that, “Our Excelsior Club is primarily a social group involved in planning, having great speakers, serving our community, raising money for charitable donations, and paying club dues that were just increased to RI, the District 5950 and our club.”  He explained that as a charitable 501(C)3 we raise money for our foundation which now has over $89,000 emanating from Lee Paris to fund grants, scholarships and club projects.  Being a “finance guy” he noted that he has a very specific and detailed budget that he will be presenting to the club’s board of directors in August.
President Randy introduced his board and thanked them for their service and asked each to say a few word about their area.  He then revealed his eight goals and ideas for the coming year.  They are to keep doing STRIVE, MAD, Book Gathering Project, grants, community service projects, and club social events.  Two new goals he would like to pursue with the board is to form a satellite club  that would be like a “Happy Hour” group that would meet twice a month at around 5:30.  Our club would get credit and attract younger members that may not be able to afford regular club dues.  The other goal is to come up with a signature fundraiser(s).  Maybe partner with the AM club.  One idea is a community talent show competition.  Another is to get community members outside the club to sponsor a student scholarship or we might even do a boat parade type contest.  He then opened the floor for members to express ideas which elicited such things as a direct giving program, talent contest aimed at youth, community partners for fundraising, and the use of IRA tax free giving.  Members are very excited about the Schumacher Presidency and his easy and humorous style will make it a fun year!
President Randy at Bat!