Posted on Apr 09, 2019
Our Program on April 9th was Legacy 2020's Refugee Initiative with ShelterBox and presented by MHS Senior William Sepesi.    Legacy 2020 is a service group from Minnetonka High School that focuses on aiding refugees. The groups has arranged events to educate the public and fundraise in the past, and are now working with ShelterBox for a fundraiser and benefit concert in late May.  William thanked Excelsior Rotary for the $2,000 grant to work on the project.                                                                                                                           
Besides the fundraising Dance they are having materials published to help MHS understand the severity of the plight of emigrants and their current plan is to create displays that will both help educate students about ShelterBox and refugees in general by citing specific case studies from ShelterBox. The main goal is to make the issue more tangible to students, but the great part of working with ShelterBox is to have students actually step inside the tent so they can gain an appreciation for the situation where people their age will have to live for extended periods of time.  Legacy 2020 hopes to raise enough to purchase ten ShelterBoxes.