Posted on Feb 05, 2019
Our program on the 5th was presented by Howard Preston who is an expert on highway safety. He’s been a consultant for over forty years, and had a PowerPoint that described the sophistication that exists now in the field of highway safety.
He described the way statistical info is now broken down to help design safer roads. The accident reports filed with the states are screened, and the info is used to build safer roads. For example, data shows that 70 % of the accidents occur I metropolitan areas, but 60% of the fatal accidents occur on local roads, and the most dangerous spots on roads are curves and commercial intersections. Those areas are where the highway departments are focusing their efforts to reduce hazards.
Remember:  (1) Next week, we meet at Scenic Heights School for our service project.  (2) Make your annual commitment to the Rotary Foundation.
Fun Facts:   > A million dollars’ worth of $100.00 bills weighs only 22 pounds.   > Music has the ability to repair brain damage and restore lost memories.   > Tuesday is the most productive day of the workweek.   > There is a town in Norway called Hell, and it does freeze over every year.   > In the 1600s, thermometers were filled with brandy instead of mercury.   > The odds of being killed by falling out of bed are one in two million.
Many Hands Many Meals Update:            Congratulations Excelsior Rotarians for packing 3,240 meals on January, 22nd