The Rotary Club of Excelsior met via Zoom on Tuesday, October 20th and our featured speaker was District Governor Tom Gump.  Also attending with the Governor were Marianna Khauv and Lloyd Campbell our succeeding Governors over the next two years.  President called the 15 attendees into our meeting.  Karen Frazier announced that we are again doing the warm coats, hats, gloves and children’s winter ware with Resource West and urged members to contact her ( if they have donations and she will arrange to pick them up as the Excelsior United Methodist Church drop-off is only open from 11 to 1 PM Mondays-Thursdays if members can’t get there with their donations.  Kate will be sending out a note about the next Happy Hour on October 27th at Excelsior Brew at 5PM. 
District Governor Gump talked about why he is so excited about Rotary and being part of the Rotary Family.  He shared a story about one of the many exchange students he has hosted named Paco from Spain whose father had committed suicide while Paco was staying with Tom’s family.  And rather than going back to Spain Paco’s mother and children came here and they held a memorial service and over 200 Rotarians attended.  That’s just one example of the Rotary Family.  Rotary is lifelong friendships. 
Gump and his two DGE’s discussed a myriad of topics starting with this year’s theme which is “Rotary Opens Up Opportunities” including leadership, service, and friendships.  Lloyd Campbell talked about membership opportunities and the way to grow Rotary is with new clubs.  Gump reinforced the membership concept by offering strategic planning with district help and the importance of an orientation program for choosing new members so that we don’t lose them after a few years.  Marianna Khauv stressed the importance of continuity of leadership for our club and at the district level and also the End Polio Now Immunization Program.  Tom announced the District Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, October 24th to raise awareness of Rotary’s goal to eradicate Polio in the World.
Governor Gump discussed two new focus areas in the District.  Clubs can now apply for grants relating to “Serving Our Environment” projects by local clubs.  The other is the Racial Equity Program working along with the YMCA and Lloyd Campbell pointed out that there are now 5 or 6 of these programs to help in breaking the racial divide and making a difference in our communities.  The Governor then opened the discussion for Q&A.  We in District 5950 are really blessed to have such a passionate, committed and well-spoken Governor as Tom Gump.