The Excelsior Rotary Club held its Fall Highway Clean-up today, Tuesday, September 22nd (first day of fall!) and a mighty crew of 7 Rotarians braved beautiful weather to get the task done.  Marianne Laurent cleaned her area the previous weekend so we have highway 7 beautiful again for the fall.  Linda Gustafson was not able to join us as she hit a deer on Highway 169 coming back from the lake and her car was rendered inoperable.  Luckily Linda did not sustain any injuries from the accident but was definitely shook-up and regrets not being able to be part of the Fall Highway Clean-up as she came back specifically to be part of the Rotary Service Project. 
Who are those masked people?  From left to right are Steve & Karen Frazier, Lou Grabber, Jim Cada, Dick Glover and in the front row are John Ferm and Jenny Janson.  The group collected 15 bags of trash including many facemasks, one gray wig 3 foot long, an un-mailed letter which Karen sent on to the recipient, lots of McDonald’s stuff, lots of car and grill parts, but no money! 
As a bonus for taking part in the Highway Clean-up Jenny handed out her mother’s homemade Covid masks that are absolutely incredible and participants got to choose the color and theme that appealed to each of them.  Karen Frazier – Community Services Coordinator said, “So, 70 degrees, sunny, dry grass and lots of trash!  How good can it get!”  Thank you to this year’s Rotary Fall Highway Clean-up Crew!