Our program on September 7, 2021 was a Club Assembly with President Lou Graber discussing The Rotary Club of Excelsior’s Future.  The goal of the meeting was to bring members up on where our club now stands and to consider on three meetings a month and fundraising planning for 2022.
President Lou first thanked Karen Frazier for initiating the members drive to bring boxes of cereal that is desperately needed at the ICA Food Shelf.  Members contributed 28 boxes and would be delivered the following day.  Next Lou reported that Randy Schumacher will become the Treasurer in October.  He noted that financially we have $14,183.25 in our Club Account with $39,393.14 in our checking account.   The Foundation has $106,000 plus $4,068.13 for Happy Bucks and $17,131.82 for Lou’s Presidential Year.  Also all of the expenditures from Kate’s Presidential Year including all of the MAD Schoolarships have been paid off.  The Cub currently has 27 members and holding with hopes to get some members back after Covid.
President Lou then discussed the future of our club relating to our Golf Fundraiser and adding a third monthly meeting.  The Excelsior Morning Rotary Club has decided to not do the golf event and fundraiser anymore.  Lou called on Steve Frazier and Nick Ruehl for their perspectives.  Steve outlined the need to partner with another club like Chanhassen or another club in our new area 6 or possibly the Minnetonka Club.  Nick confirmed that we cannot do it alone and need a partner and also we as a club need to decide who we are and we may need to go in another direction as our club now only has two active golfers. Also, if we are going to be a mainly retired club we should explore attracting other retired people and activities suitable for that age group.  It was recommended that President Lou set-up a meeting with the Chan President and see if they are interested or others in Area 6.
The discussion then turned to adding a 3rd monthly meeting and having the 4th meeting be a social.  President Lou explained that dues/meals would then be $240/quarter and that our club members can charge by credit card through Club Runner using the Paya system.  The Club Assembly again discussed the Pros and Cons of going to a 3rd meeting and also explored morning, noon and evening meetings.  The club seemed equally divided on the third meeting but no one said they would leave the club if we did go to three meetings per/month. Members mainly favor a noon meeting but are willing to explore it further.  President Lou tabled the topic and said that we would again explore it after the 1st of the year.