Our Speaker on Tuesday, October 3rd was Superintendent Dr. David Law giving us an Update on Minnetonka Schools.  This is the 2nd year for our new superintendent and he is amazing!  Since our club was highlighting our club’s service project with Fall de Tonka, Dr. Law started by saying that he took part in the Tour de Tonka (in the downpour!) and what a great Community Ed Program we have in Minnetonka due to Tim Litfin’s leadership and we are in the top 10 districts in the country with our MCE Program.  Also we have a very supportive community and involved parent volunteers.  David listed all the achievements at all levels in the district including the language immersion programs from 1st - 12th grades.  MHS continues to be an academic leader in the state and country and is venturing into an Aviation Program starting this year and students will emerge with a pilot’s license at the end of their training even while in H.S.!  With the shortage of pilots will allow students to earn between $150,000 to $700,000/year.  High expectations abound at MHS in all fields especially science and math.  Other amazing programs are the S.A.I.L Program for disabled students and the Advantage Program with real business development and mentoring.  We are also #1 in the state in reading and math.
            The district has a host of ambitious goals and is working also to protect the mental health of students and meet students at their individual level of skill development to protect their self-concept and also combat bullying at all levels.  This is not to say that we don’t have challenges facing our district.  Most critical is the inadequate state funding of the district and thus we are renewing our technology levy funding referendum this fall and also have four retiring board members to add to the mix in November’s election!  We all came away with the assurance that we have an amazing school district with great leadership, talented staff and striving academic students at all levels of the district.