Our Program on May 3, 2022 was the Annual STRIVE Luncheon and Scholarship Awards with STRIVE Coordinator Dick Glover.  In the introduction of the program Dick explained that STRIVE is the acronym for Students Taking a Renewed Interest in the Value of Education.  The STRIVE Program meets biweekly throughout the year in 12 sessions to help senior students to improve their achievement level and motivate them to realize their potential in school and life.  He also explained that the Rotary Club of Excelsior also awards $7,000 in scholarships to the five STRIVE students that have made the greatest academic improvement in that year.                        
Steve Frazier then presented a Power Point of the 12 sessions and each of the Mentor Presenters explained to the parent guests and club members the goals of each of the sessions.  The sessions were: Attitudes I & II, Habits, Goals, Confidence, College, Service Above Self, Choices, Finance, Life Values and Evaluation of the STRIVE Program.                           
Dick then distributed STRIVE Letters of Introduction to each of the STRIVE students to use in the coming years at their post-secondary institutions and also for job applications.   Then came the Ceremony of the Scholarship Awards.  First Dick presented $1000 scholarships to Dylan Erickson, Jake Lane and Evan Jones.  The $1,500 scholarship was awarded to Alejandra Anderson-Barrera.  The $2,500 scholarship was presented to Andrea Portillo for the greatest academic improvement in the year and it was noted that she ended up with all A’s.   Unfortunately two of the scholarship winners were not able to attend the luncheon and will be presented their scholarships at the MHS Scholarship Awards Program later the month at the high school.                               
This marks the end of the STRIVE Program for 2021-2022 and the club expresses its thanks to the STRIVE Mentors for their commitment to these students throughout the year and all of the presenters that helped motivate these students to realize their potential and improve their academics.