Rotarian Angelina Amerigo Wins the Miss Minnesota USA 2023
                                                           Angelina Amerigo
Angelina Amerigo won the Miss Minnesota USA on Friday, June 23rd!  Angelina spoke to our club on March 7th.  She is also a Rotarian in the Rotaract eClub on Environment and she chose as her pageant project to be an advocate on the environment and specifically plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans.  Our club got behind her both to support her bid to be Miss Minnesota and financial support.  She shined in the competition winning the STEM Scholarship, nailed the judge’s questions mentioning her Rotary connection, won the preliminary talent phase, and first place in the Minnesota Scholarship Fund and stunning in the fitness and Evening Gown phases of the competition.  She is excited to come back to share with us her journey in the Miss Minnesota Pageant.  She will now be on to the Miss America Pageant!