The Board of Directors met on Tuesday, July 6th at 11:00AM and dealt with the following items:
  1. The Club needs a President Elect, a Treasurer, Program/Speaker Scheduler for 2021-2022.  Lou will ask for volunteers from the club to fill the positions.
  2.  Lou appointed Kate Wilinski to be Social Director and Michelle Seets to be International Service/
    Rotary Grants Director.  She has done the training for this year.  The other Board positions stay the same for 2021-2022.
  3. Our club can now send the $30,000 for Padee Yang’s tuition in London.  The money was accidently sent to the London  Club so when the money was transferred back to us it was for $30,524.00 because of exchange rate changes.
  4. We need speakers for the upcoming months.  Some ideas for speakers are Dean Phillips, Kim Bauman from Way to Grow, STRIVE Grad Emily Rosenberg.  Until we get a scheduler Lou will facilitate lining-up speakers.
  5. Lou is going to approach members to see if they want to go back to three meeting a month.
  6. The Board is to go on record supporting to do the Golf Fundraiser again next year and to start discussions with the Morning Club to continue the fundraiser next year.
  7. Lou announced that the new billing for meetings will be $210 in advance per quarter.
  8. The Board accepted Jerry Breke’s resignation from Rotary.
Our Program on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 was our new President Louis Graber.  President Lou started the meeting by calling on former STRIVE Scholarship recipient ($2,500).  Jonathan thanked the Rotary Club for reaching out to students and he plans to use his scholarship for training in the building trades.  Lou then welcomed Michelle Seets who has been mentoring Jonathan from Texas.
After doing Birthdays and Anniversaries President Lou called on Steve Frazier to do a Power Point of this year’s Rotary Golf Classic.  Steve noted that the Golf Committee basically had 6 weeks to pull together the fundraiser.  So this year we had a golfing, a raffle and an after golf party at Enki Brewery in Victoria.  The gross profits from the sponsorships, golfing, mulligans and raffle were $36,510.71 minus expenses of $12,568.12 for a net profit of $23,942.59.  Our two clubs will each receive at least $11,971.30 and possibly more as we still have $2,700 of sponsorship money to come in yet.  When all the sponsorship monies are in each club will receive just under $13,000!
President Graber then introduced his Board of Directors and indicated that we still need a President Elect, Treasurer, and Program/Speaker Scheduler.  Lou then compared the last three years of profit and loss of dues/meal: 2019-2020 -$2,760; 2020-2021+$3,730 and starting 2021-2022 -$328.  Quarterly dues in advance will be $210 now that we are back to meals.  Let Lou know if you want to be on the No Meals Plan.  Lou commented that he would like to go to three meeting per month and the 4th being a service project.  He will approach the club for their willingness to the proposal.
President Lou then turned his attention to our Club and Foundation Funds.  Our Club Funds are $18,211 and Happy Bucks Educational Fund is at $3,923.68.  Currently our American Funds are at $32,404.77 and we have $19,000 in interest that can be partially used by Presidents.  The Excelsior Rotary Foundation funding continues to grow with the Lee Paris Fund (originally $75,000) is now at $106,874.02! 
The final part of Lou’s first speech was to present Kate Wilinski a Club Appreciation Plaque but she was not able to attend so it will be presented at the July 20th meeting.   President Lou wants to devote his Presidency to Education, STRIVE, Make A Difference and children’s outreach through Reach Out and Read, Way to Grow and other child centered charities.
The meeting concluded with Happy Bucks!
***July 20th is a Rotary Double Header – Club Meeting at Noon and Party at Hotvet’s at 4PM!  Be sure to RSVP.***