Our Program for Tuesday, October 5th was 3rd District Congressman Dean Phillips.  We started our meeting early to accommodate his schedule and it was an enlightening experience.  Dean had several main themes and we had a great Q&A after his speech.  Phillip’s was born and raised in Minnesota and lives in Deephaven, went to school in Edina and graduated from Blake, attended The Carlson School of Business and worked in the family businesses.  His main themes centered on his mission to serve the people of the 3rd District, the nature of the Congress, bipartisanism, the media and forces that profit from divisiveness, self-preservation of Congress and Senators and gaining wealth.                                                           
Dean noted that Congress is not as divided as it is represented in the media.  One of his accomplishments is the problem solving group of 29 Democrats and 29 Republicans that work together to solve issues in a bipartisan manner.  “The Congressional process is messy and change is not easy,” said Phillips.  The January 6th assault on the capital to overturn the election has hurt the trust level between the two parties but “All is not lost and a lot of legislation still gets passed.”                                                                                                                                                                            During the Q&A he mentioned that he would favor a term limit of 18 years or some ceiling.  He really doesn’t like political wealth and believes that governmental officials should serve based on principals.  When asked about the census and redistricting he noted that we will keep our eight Congressional Representatives because of the great turnout in the last election (highest in the nation) and census response from the 3rd.  He also noted that the Debt Ceiling and the Infrastructure Bills are essential and that political wrangling was dangerous to our economy and the country.  He would like to see congressional districts be more competitive rather than all red or blue guaranteed districts.  That is what he likes about the 3rd District as it is competitive and diversified.  The Phillips’ campaign does not take PAC money and thrives on individual donations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Rebecca’s final question about what he likes to do when home with his family brought a surprise and big smile and he responded that he and his daughters like to hunt for historical objects that they find on their property.  Phillips then went around and shook hands and took photos with club members.  It was an excellent program and Thank You Darel Leipold for setting it up