Posted on Nov 06, 2018
Our program on Election Day was a Club Assembly, and a lot of material was covered. There are some big changes coming in our club’s future.                                                                                       
The first news is that we will be changing our meeting site to Red Sauce Rebellion in downtown Excelsior. They have a meeting room that we will use for our lunches.                                                                                         
The second news is that we will be changing the meeting schedule to a different format. We will meet the first two Tuesdays of the month as we do now, and on the third Tuesday, we will as a club work with some local charitable organizations.  The fourth Tuesday we will have nothing scheduled and will not meet.                                            
Both of these changes were presented to the club by the board, and the club members present at the Club Assembly approved them. It will be nice to be back in Excelsior for our meetings, and eating our meals with real silverware and plates!
STRIVE met on Thursday, November 8th with Nick Ruehl presenting on Attitudes – Characteristics of successful people.  Nick discussed 8 characteristics with the STRIVE students: 1. You have a Choice.  2. Take Responsibility.  3. Convert Failure to Success.  4. Choose Words Carefully. 5. Fuel Your Attitude.  6. Accept Life’s Challenges, Lessons.  7. Look Beyond Self. 8. Express Attitude.  As part of his multi-media presentation he show a couple clips of Nick Vujicic who is a motivational speaker and was born without arms and legs but an incredible attitude to succeed.  The students were touched by is life with many brushing away tears.  The group then met in small groups to hear the Mentor’s most challenging situation and how they dealt with it and also to have students share their stories and the kids really opened-up.  Simply stated – It was