Posted on Aug 06, 2019
Our Program on Tuesday, August 6th was a Club Assembly to discuss the 2019 Member Survey results and divided into brainstorming groups to discuss the results and make suggestions for improving our current programs.  President Michelle gave the Executive Summary and then the club members divided members into the five breakout sessions. 
Michelle noted in her Executive Summary the five areas of interest included (1) Membership recruiting / training with five members  interested in helping and the consensus was that our club could do more in this important area.  (2) Public Relations was the next largest category where  five  other members volunteered to become part of the PR Committee (now called Pubic Image) with the challenge to do more and on a more timely basis.  (3) Local service projects where 14 members urged the club to do more but keep many of the projects that we are currently doing and to do a service project every month on the third Tuesday.  Amazingly by the end of the breakout session the committee had the 12 month calendar filled! (4)  Meeting programs was the next area of highest interest with nine members suggesting how we can improve our meetings and the process in which to engage and recommend speakers to be invited to our club.  (5)The final breakout area for discussion was our club’s social calendar and how to involve members in fun parties and events.
Michelle also noted that our club mostly value doing local service and having social time as a most important part of belonging to Rotary.  Members also commented that fundraising is important to the life of our club and the need to look for new ways to raise funds for our charities and other Rotary programs.  Least important to members was RI fundraising but an area that we need to understand why members feel that way. 
Finally members felt strongly about the following bullets:
  • 100% identify with the mission statement: "The Rotary Club of Excelsior focuses on youth education, service to our community, and assisting the underserved."  There were some suggestions which are listed below and will be discussed at a future Board meeting.
  • Service specific: keep STRIVE, MHMM, ROR book recycling, scholarships and road clean up.  Drop the dictionary project and sandcastle judging.  Discuss the rest on Aug. 6 meeting.
  • PR: keep printed bulletins and emails.  Discuss improvements to the rest on Aug. 6 meeting.
  • Most important parts of meetings: club information (service and upcoming), speaker, social/networking time
  • What to keep: meetings to 1 hour, the food, the service, try to keep or do more of everything else (club and Rotary info, social and speaker time)
  • Improve the lighting (discuss if still needed?) Our President –Elect Kate Wilinski volunteered to supply additional lighting from ICA to brighten up out meeting area at Red Sauce Rebellion.
The consensus from all the comments made after the meeting was the Club Assembly of brainstorming groups came up with lots of great ideas.  Over the next five weeks we will bring you summaries for each of the group’s findings and how they intend to implement those ideas to improve our club.