Excelsior McDonald's
770 Excelsior Blvd.
Excelsior, MN 55331
United States of America


Meet on Tuesday, July 26th Meet at McDonalds at 8:00AM

(If you want to do it on another day sign-up your team and the day you will do it that week.)


Team 1 North – Gas station at 7 & Christmas Lake Rd. to Manor Road.  Park at gas station.  Fairly easy walking.  1._Dick Glover  2. Lou Graber


Team 1 South – Christmas Lake Rd to Radisson Inn Rd. near #7.  Park at Christmas Lake Rd. and Radisson Inn Rd.  Fairly easy walking.  1. Scott McGinnis  2. Nick Ruehl


Team 2 North – Manor Rd. to Old Market & 7 Intersections.  Park either on Excelsior Blvd at Manor or at the Skate Park off of St. Albans Bay Cir.  Steeper edges more difficult walking.  1.  Randy Schumacher 2. OPEN


Team 2 South – Radisson Road near & to Old Market Intersection.  Park at either Radisson Rd. near 7 or at Old Market intersection.  Steeper edges and more difficult walking.  1.John Ferm  2. OPEN


Team 3 North – Old Market Intersection to Vine Hill.  Fairly easy walking.  Park at Coldwell/Banker on corner of 7 & Vine Hill Rd..  1.  Linda Gustafson      2. Gustafson Crew


Team 3 South – Old Market Intersection to Vine Hill Intersection.  Easy walking.  Park at Old Market or on Shady Hills Rd. by Preschool.  Easy walking.  1.  Steve Frazier  2.  Saige Hartert

Be sure to wear your Rotary Service Vest and come for a picture!  Invite a friend or relative!