Posted on Oct 02, 2018
Our program on the 2nd was a talk by Harley Feldman. Harley is a Shorewood resident, and is active in many local organizations, including the New Year’s Day Swim in Lake Minnetonka. He and his family live on Christmas Lake. Four years ago, his daughter was brutally murdered in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she lived.
The crime would still be unsolved if Harley hadn’t intervened. Because of his efforts, the Scottsdale Police were able to use DNA found on the scene to trace the killer. There are family traits shown by DNA, and although there was no record of the DNA found at the scene, the police were able to search for similar DNA, and use that method to find suspects to consider. A close match was found, and it turned out to be the brother of the murderer.
Using this type of search with DNA is not legal in all states, but it is in Arizona, and it solved the crime.
STRIVE Program:  The STRIVE Program for Minnetonka Seniors stars this Thursday, October 11th at 9:04 in the Writing Center with Dick Glover doing the Welcome, Introductions of Rotarians and presenting Expectations – “What we want for you”.  The STRIVE Parent-Student meeting was held last Wednesday at the MHS Port-Media Center to outline the STRIVE Program and to answer parent and students questions.  STRIVE will basically meet bi-weekly and will continue until April 4, 2019.  We are excited to start another year with these students and to be an inspiration to them.