Posted on Oct 23, 2018
Our program on the 23rd was a demonstration-type presentation by Kate Ingalls-Mahoney. She is the director of The Learning Lab which is a service of Augustana Care.
The Learning Lab is located near the International Market Building in Minneapolis and their mission is to connect older Minnesotans and their partners with home health and safety technologies that will help them live independently. Their place would be a fun place to work because they are always testing and evaluating devices that help ease the pains and problems of old age.
Kate, a local resident, brought a number of examples of items they recommend: pressure, time, and sound sensitive items that act as alarms, reminders, or lighting in the user’s home. Their items are usually very simple combinations of items we’re familiar with. One example she had was a pill bottle with a timer on it. The timer shows the time the bottle was last opened helping the user to avoid missing a medication, or double-dosing.
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