Posted on Oct 25, 2018
STRIVE held its first student meeting with Tim Liftin Presenting on “Attitudes” and as always it was out of sight!  We had four more students join the group to bring our total up to 18 students.  Tim totally engaged the students with a multi-media presentation emphasizing that it all starts with having a positive attitude in life.  He explained happiness and that you start with it and not end with it and how to set-up a “to do list” and how to take the first step to make things become a reality and not to procrastinate.  He spoke about dreams and had the students write down what they wanted life to be like at 30 years old and to stick their dream in a drawer and keep going back to it over and over again.  Most importantly he explored famous people that didn’t let failure stop them from reaching their goals.  He ended with a competition on their cell phones that asked questions from his presentation and Chinaka Ihekweazu  was the fastest with the most correct answers and got the prize.  Who said that kids don’t listen. (Photo- Will Carlson, Tim and Gisell Varela)