Posted on May 07, 2019
Our program on the 7th was a presentation by Kim Kane. She spoke about “Living and Aging in Gratitude”, which is the title of the book she has written.
Her message was that life is easier and better if you approach each day with a positive attitude.  Sparkle On touches on everything from fashion choices, to relationships, to grief, and everything in between. There are moments of poignancy and plenty of laughs. And by the end, you’ll feel like you’ve made a friend and joined the ranks of bold, honest women who are aging in gratitude.
According to Kim “No one wants to talk about aging—especially aging women. We’re not supposed to bring up the changes to our bodies or lifestyle. We’re not supposed to mention the weird food grievances we develop, nor the fact that we can’t help but to break wind in yoga. And we’re definitely not supposed to be happy about growing older (as though we had a more appealing alternative).”  Kim brought smiles and laughs to our club and she was a one woman riot!
Dictionary Project at Deephaven on Thursday, May 9th - Tad Shaw did Yeomen’s Duty by presenting dictionaries to the Deephaven 3rd grades for both the English and Spanish lessons.  Thanks Tad!