The Excelsior Rotary Club has adopted and planted flowers in the planter located on the corner of Water Street and 3rd Street in front of the former site of the Fuel Pump gas station.  Karen Frazier designed and planted the array of flowers on Thursday, June 4th with her assistant Steve.  The Excelsior Rotary Club along with other charities and social groups agreed to each adopt all the planters on main street to help the City of Excelsior during this time of limited help and funding with the planters. 
Karen selected sun hearty ever blooming plants in red, white, and a dash of purple.  In the center of the planter is a rod displaying the name and logo of the Excelsior Rotary Club designed by Jenny  Jansen.  Members Lou Graber, Marianne Laurent and John Ferm will share the watering duties throughout the summer and fall. 
Thank you members of the Excelsior Rotary for helping support our local community and keeping the main street beautiful this year.