Excelsior Rotary held its first Virtual Happy Hour on Zoom on Tuesday April 14th at 4:00PM. Eight members took part in the fun informal get-together.  Participating were President Michelle Seets, Linda Gustafson, Don Draayer, Dick Glover, Lou Graber, Nick Ruehl, and Karen and Steve Frazier.  Everyone reported that they were well and coping well with the pandemic and social distancing.  Everyone reported on what they were doing and how they are staying in contact with their family and friends.  It appears that Zoom is a popular platform and all members are encouraged to get up to speed on Zoom for our next Club Meeting. 
Dick Glover reported that we will have a STRIVE evaluation either by email or Zoom or a combination of booth this coming Thursday, April 16th.  If it is on Zoom Michelle will send out an invite and time of the meeting.  Don Draayer complimented Linda on her wonderful Bio last week and how comprehensive and well thought out her presentation was.  All that took part last week agreed and really appreciated her connection with the Rotary Student Exchange Program and the lasting ties and life long friendship that have developed between the families.  Did you know Don makes fantastic pancakes!  Dick Glover made his own face mask using Minnesota's colors.  Nick is holding business meetings using Zoom, Linda scheduled Easter visits on a schedule and egg hunt went well until the snow storm covered up the eggs!  Karen and Steve had their family gathering on Zoom and showed what they had for dinner and also bad Easter Bunny jokes - really bad but funny!  Dick Glover makes waffles every weekend.  Lou took his wife for a date today - coffee and rolls at drive-thru and parked in the parking lot to enjoy the goodies and then went to the grocery store- hot date Lou!
So, everyone is doing well and we long to get back together once Covid 19 has run its course.  Until then stay well, keep your distance, wear your mask if you are so inclined, wash you hands often and don't touch your face!  Wow that is a lot but let's do the best we can and keep our spirits up.  The Happy Hour lasted about and hour.  Until we meet again!