Our Program for Tuesday, October 19th was Community for the Commons (C4C) with Eric Snyder.  Eric is the Chair of the C4C Planning Committee.  Past President Kate Wilinski introduced Eric and noted that this would be a good and lasting donation to the community that the Rotary Club of Excelsior could be involved in.  Eric started his remarks by reminding us that C4C is a 501(c)(3) for specifically non-profit projects.  C4C was established in 2015 and started immediately collecting public opinion and found that people wanted to keep the basic structure of the 13 acre Commons and that it should be primarily a South Shore Community entity.  Initial funding is coming from a local sales tax established by the MN Legislature for 20 years or until 7 million dollars is raised.   
Phase I of the Master Plan started with the Band Shell or what Eric prefers it be called the Pavilion because it serves many more functions than just a band shell.  The ribbon cutting ceremony occurred last spring and $250 Thousand  dollars has been raised thus far.  Phase II is focused on the Concession Stand and the adjacent Plaza and design stage should be completed by the spring of 2022.  The Concession Building compliment the Pavilion and will feature a Serving Kitchen, Bathrooms, changing rooms and storage areas all under a Green Organic Roof.  The year-round facility will be available for Weddings and all types of catered gatherings.  Key to this is the Plaza featuring an open community space surrounded by greenery and flowering plants, rain gardens, and parking for Food Trucks.  Much of the 3.2 million cost goes also into infrastructure for electricity, gas, drainage and sewer upgrading.   Phase III still in the future planning will include the Ball Diamonds, Children’s Beach and the Boardwalk.                                                                                                                                                                                   
Eric Snyder noted that there are three ways for members of the community to donate to the C4C.  First there is the Adoption Program to fund tree planting(s), gardens, and other commemorative items like benches.  The second way is for donation of $1,000 to $50,000 for individual and community group like Rotary.  The third is to the C4C Legacy Fund to fund the Master Plan.  The City of Excelsior will carry on the basic maintenance of upkeep, mowing and snow removal.  A Capital fund has been set-up using part of the funds from parking and boat slip revenues for structural repairs and replacement in the future.  President Lou Graber thanked Eric and stated that he will bring the matter of a donation to the C4C at the next Board Meeting in November.
Upcoming Rotary Events:                                                                                                                                                                 
Rotary Social at Excelsior Brew on October 26th at 5PM.  Come and join the fun!                                                 
STRIVE Parent and Student Meeting at the Port at MHS on Nov.4th at 7PM.                                                             
Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army at Cub on Nov. 16th from 1 to 5PM.  Sign-up with Karen