Posted on Aug 13, 2019
Our Program on August 13th was Girl Scout 17126 presenting their Silver Star Award program on feminine hygiene products entitled “Don’t Miss A Day”.  The Silver Star Award requires that the scouts identify a problem and to come up with a sustainable solution to solve the problem and then to develop a program to solve the problem.  The Girl Scouts became aware of a problem girls in all over the world would miss a week a week of school each month because due to the lack of feminine products.  To solve the problem they decided to make up feminine hygiene kits.  The kits include reusable hygiene pads, panties, washcloths, soap and other feminine products.  The kits can be used for up to two years. 
To finance the project they received funding from the Rotary Club of Excelsior ($245) and Thrident Financial ($250).  To raise awareness and additional money they sold candles, bath salts and sugar scrubs at the Farmers Market in excelsior.  Working with the “Days for Girls” program they have raised enough money to send 125 kits to Malawi in Africa and an addition 25-50 kits to a new school in Kenya.  The Girl Scouts Kat, Mary, Mia and Hope showed the packet and its contents and circulated among or members to view the contents.  They also distributed “Don’t Miss a Day” wrist bracelets as a thank you to our club.
The Girl Scouts admitted that they were not aware of the plight of girls having to miss school because of their period and that in a small way they are able to make a difference in these girl’s lives in Africa and Kenya to continue their education uninterrupted.