Our Program for Tuesday, January 1, 2022 was District 5950 Governor Marianna Khauv and Past Governor Tom Gump.  Darel Leipold gave a wonderful opening entitled the “Special Excelsior Rotary Touch” that outlined all the special ways and members that touch our community through Service Above Self.                                             
Gov. Khauv started by giving her Rotary Story about her life’s journey migrating from Taiwan to the US so that her father could get the medical care he needed and her husband a refugee from Cambodia.  They have three daughters.  Literacy is a passion of hers and working with her Monticello Club they have established three libraries in Cambodia.  She then talked about RI President Shekhar Mehta and his goal to “Serve to Change Lives” and the motto for Rotary for “Each One to Bring One” in the coming year. 
Turning to District 5950 The Governor asked Tom Gump to outline the District’s goals to: Impact, Reach, Engage, and Adapt.  Tom noted that it is not just about giving money but that we are also impacting the lives through our service and projects.  Rotarians need to reach into our communities and seek diversity.  At the same time we need to keep our members active and engaged and adapt to changes such as we have done during the Covid Pandemic.  Marianna continued from there and implored Rotarians for “Each One - Bring One” and to work on our club’s public image.  Then she picked up her pink “Piggy Bank” and asked everyone to donate to end Polio in the World.
 Gov. Khauv briefly described the “Rotary Word” explaining all the levels of Rotary starting from our Club in Area 6 to Dist. 5950 (66 Clubs) to 16 Zones and our Zone leaders.  Tom Gump talked about the fun Rotary Rose Bowl float with 12 Minnesotans helping to decorate it to publicize Rotary.  Marianna then completed her prepared remarks by inviting club members to attend the upcoming Rotary events in the coming months and a lively Q&A followed.