Posted on Apr 02, 2019
Our program on April 2nd was presented by Alvin Abraham. He is the dean of a special program at St. Thomas College. His program is designed to help disadvantaged students in college so they get their four year degree.
Their program is in the second year, and features a strong counselling component. Students are assigned to a staff member who monitors their classroom performance, and helps keep them on track. If a student starts to slip academically, or skip classes, or shows signs of pending disaster, the advisor steps in to help put the student back on track. The program covers the first two years of college where most of the prerequisite classes are taken. Students then continue for the final two years in their chosen major.
The program is designed to reduce failures among the disadvantages students, and the student pays lower fees, and probably has a part time job to provide income. The cost quoted for tuition was one-third of the cost of the standard program.
STRIVE on April 4th was devoted to the year-end survey, evaluation of the 2018-19 Program by the STRIVE Students and parting words of challenge and encouragement from STRIVE Mentors Dick Glover, Nick Wegleitner, Lou Graber, Don Draayer and Steve Frazier.  The STRIVE Luncheon will be on May 21st and held at MCE at noon in Deephaven.