Posted on Oct 08, 2019
Our Program on Tuesday, October 8th was Cathy Knutson from Pique Travel speaking on Travel Tips and Tricks. Cathy talked about the importance of working with a pro so that your travel can be customized to your needs and budget, accountable, having access to partners around the world, and someone to advocate for you.  She listed many locations with tips to enhance your travel experience such as reserving tour tickets in advance of your trip, stay the night before your tour and beat the crowds that come later, and get an open travel visa for countries with travel bands.  Another interesting tip was to get “skip the line tickets by booking ahead and use a local guide to take you around your destination to maximize your experience.  She suggested the “Whatsapp” on Wi-Fi to keep you on track and call anywhere in the world.  Cathy also suggested a wonderful service  that Pique Travel offers that is “Wander List” that allows a more global approach to long range travel service planning so that you can get to all the things you want to do on your bucket list.
During the Q&A she suggested getting travel insurance to protect your travel investment.  For safety stay where there are more people and also a professional planner knows where safe travel locations are on ongoing basis all over the world because of their partner contacts.  When asked about combining travel and service opportunities she admitted that she didn’t know much about it but will now look into it as another travel/vacation option.  During “Happy Bucks” many members praised Pique Travel for their flawless vacations and great service without any travel glitches.