May 07, 2019 12:00 PM
Kim Kane
Living and Aging in Gratitude

Living Life In Gratitude As We Age - Kim Kane

This presentation will have antidotes from everyday life. It covers topics from changes in bodies as we age (hello chin hair!), how to focus on strengths and abilities from an aging perspective in a society that markets ‘anti-aging’, and the importance of feeling relevant. 

The message is centered on believing it is never too late to be and do what it is you want to!

Audience members will leave with information on:

Changes we experience as we age are just that…changes. They do not have to be given a value of good or bad.

- It is never too late to fulfill our dreams and goals. The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

The important role Gratitude plays in everyday life.

Kim Kane is the author of the book: Sparkle On…Women Aging in Gratitude.

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