Mar 12, 2019 12:00 PM
Tony Signorelli
Making Green by Going Clean

Making Green by Going Clean - Tony Signorelli

After all the debates about the environment versus the economy, business is leading the way in the clean energy revolution. Why? Because it makes economic sense to do so. In this presentation, learn how and why business owners are using solar energy to dramatically improve bottom line results, while simultaneously cleaning up their energy and carbon footprint. Our speaker will explain the details and cover solar power systems, outdoor solar lighting, and the role of EV charging stations in the new, clean and cheap energy future.

Tony Signorelli is the Sales Director for Sundial Solar, Minnesota’s oldest commercial solar power developer. He sits on the forefront of solar and clean energy solutions and works with businesses to help them participate wherever it makes sense. A practiced speaker, his talk in engaging and eye-opening. You are guaranteed to walk away with knowledge and insights you didn’t have before entering the room. 



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